Ritual of the Binding Star

To re-invoke Rhoswen’s prison, the faengard must first be fully repaired with the necessary wardstones. Once this step is complete, the binding must be made with the crook of Cildhureen upon the Binding Star (red six-pointed fairy star made of crystal). This start is permanently bound to the rest of an indentical star crystal capping the spire above.

With the crook of Cildhureen in one hand and standing in the centre of the star, draw the well-spring of power stored within the staff. This is a mix of Rhoswen’s essence, which is in turn made from a blending of positive and negative energy, and raw magic in its most primal form. Once drawn, this power must be focused carefully into the attending star points capping the spire above; even a moment’s hesitation or distraction will cause the ritual to falter and begin again. Each such act will take approximately two minutes to safely accomplish.

Once all six points are imbued with energy, draw the image of the six-pointed star in the air with a free hand. This must be precise or the final incantation will fail.

If successful, red and white energy will cassicade between the two identical crystals and spread to the faengard, imbuing it with the energy it needs to fully repair the reward. Once complete, the invocation will react with the lingering presence of the mist produced by the wardstones on Golarion world and draw back any native to this realm, depositing them within the faengard.

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