Ruined Calistrian Temple

Nestled approximately four miles south of the road leading to Bellis in the Verduran Forest is a large hillside that contains the half-buried entrance into an ancient temple of Calistria. According to half-remembered elven lore, a small elven town existed in this area of the Verduran before Earthfall. When the elves retreated from the world in preperation from this event, they evacuated this unnamed town to Kyonin before transitioning to their sactuary. As this occurred, the High Priestess of this temple attempted to retrieve their magical treasurey, but in in a moment of greed, she was murdered by one of her compatriots when she saw the glittering gold and magic before her. Calistria herself took notice of this brazen death; the goddess sanctions and approves revenge of all kinds, not simple cold-blooded murder for selfish greed.

As the goddess of revenge, Calistria imparted a terrible punishment upon her wayward cleric for her misdeed and instantly transformed her into a crypt thing, sealing her within the chamber that lead to the secret cash of treasure. As her coveted beauty and sensuality melted away from her, Calistria decreed she shall forever more guard the treasure she vainly murdered for, unable to have what she cursed herself for. The goddess gave her a cryptic prophecy where she was unable to harm other Calistrians and must give the treasure to one who passed her test. Eventually Earthfall happened and much of Golarion was changed forever. The resulting damage caused the elven town to sink into the earth under the forest and was buried for thousands of years. Only a section of the temple remained close enough the surface for a passage into the temple and thus the town. Giant Bees were attracted to the lingering presence of Calistrian magic and settled in the temple’s foyer.

As time went on, a group of Dark Folk settled in the remaining buried ruins of the unnamed elven town. Two years before the characters arrived in the region, the Foresthawk rangers Merrick Iolandi and his sister Tess’ara along with hired adventurers, ventured into the ruins of the temple and the town to rescue their friend Elyin Ursage who had been captured by the dark folk while harvesting honey from the giant bees. The ruins of the settlement below the surface also contained a nearby underground river that the Foresthawks diverted into the ruins to drown their Dark Folk foes. The water submurged the entire elven ruin, save half the Calistrian temple, which remained dry. The remaining dark folk settled in the ruins of the temple and began modifying its Calistrian iconography at some point to reflect the Fellnight Queen instead of the elven goddess.

Two years after this event, the characters along with Tess’ara and Merrick returned to the temple to retrieve the second set of wardstones, divined as being present in the ruined area by the druid Devarre. After passing the giant bee hive, the group fought off the dark folk, loosing Merrick to an apparent murder-sucidide after killing the dark folk leader. The wardstones were retrieved after battling several of Rhoswen’s guardians. The characters then found the recently unsealed room containing the Calistrian Crypt Thing and who incapacitated the majority of the party with its deadly abilities. After revealing its prophecy to Nessa, the bard, Tess’ara and Thomas were able to fufill its meaning by restoring the statues of the goddess altered by the Dark Folk. The Crypt Thing was then required to give Nessa the treasure and hoped Calistria would free it from its undead existance. True to her nature as the goddess of revenge, Calistria denied the creature the freedom of death, and the characters departed the temple as the undead creature screamed in anguish.

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