Runic Banner

Runic Banner
Type: Militay
Leader: Peter Tyrn
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Headquarters: Riddleport
Goals: Profit, power
Scope: Regional
Structure: Military hiearachy
Members: Soldiers, rangers,

The Runic Banner is a mercenary company founded by Peter Tyrn in the economic boon of the city states. Founded out of Riddleport they make for a large company that moves around as the job requires. They do have policies however their loyalties are to their contracts.

Goal: Money is Power

The Runic Banner is a mercenary company with only two things in mind, money and power. Though not overtly greedy they are known for having a reputation of completing every job they have ever taken.

Alignment: LN

Befitting most mercenary companies, the Runic Banner is a military hierarchy and as such, ranks and discipline is important, not necessarily morality.


The half-elf known as Peter Tyrn is the current leader of the Runic Banner.


The Runic Banner has barracks located in Riddleport, Korvosa and the Fenwall mountains currently has the majority of the forces due to the large contract job with the dwarves there.


Acceptance into the Runic banner is contract based with some preliminary testing. Few members are recruited out of this process.

Known Members

There are approximately 16 Specialist named the Sigils, 20 advanced members named the Runes and 60-100 Members named banner men plus recruits. Few of the Runic Banner are spell casters and those that are exist amongst the Sigils and the Runes. Most are a mix between archers, scouts, rogues and straight up frontliners. Peter Tyrn himself is reported to mix arcane magic with a bow and often carries saps. The most well known members of the Runic Banner are:
  • Lem Typhos
  • Timmy (Rune)
  • Elexa the huntress (Sigil)
  • John the Gladiator (Sigil)

Gaining Prestige

The Runic Banner looks favorably on individuals who keep their word, finish the job and make an effort not to endager others (for careless loss of life is bad for the company’s reputation). Those who provide tactical knowledge or expand the group’s interests and locations can gain prestige within the mercenary company.


As a mercenary company, the Runic Banner’s signature resources is its armed might and the skill of its specialists, not to mention its reputation of always completing a job.

  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Hire a squad of 10 1st-level warriors for a routine mission such as guarding a caravan or escorting a person from one city to another. The Runic Banner considers these missions low-risk training operations for the newest and youngest recruits, and dragging these soldiers into a fatal conflict is a sure way of loosing prestige with the Banner; most characters using this resources do so just for a show of force, though the warriors do fight if combat occurs.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Acquire combat trained mounts for a week.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Gain the rank of “Banner Man” and a +1 Diplomacy check to influence members of the Runic Banner.
  • 10 TPA, 2 CPA: Undergo specialized training requiring 1 week of time, which grants you a +1 bonus on initiative checks.
  • 10 TPA, 3 CPA: Hire a specialist (any NPC of Runes rank that is half the characters level) for 1 week.
  • 10 TPA, 5+ CPA: Gain a contact in a particular city where the Banner operates. The character can consult with this contact for local gossip, news, and advice; this action gratns the character a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information and on Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), and Knowledge (nobility), and Knowledge (religion) checks made within that city regarding the contact’s city, but the character must wait 24 hours to provide the information. For an additional 10 CPA, the bonus increases to +4. A character may have contacts in multiple cities, but multiple contacts in the same city provide no extra benefit. If the contact dies, the character can spend CPA to find a replacement contact.
  • 20 TPA, 5 CPA, Banner Man: Gain the rank of “Rune”, and a loyal team of 4 Banner Men (2nd level fighters) and a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks with members of the Runic Banner (does not stack with Banner Man). These troops won’t necessarily die on the character’s behalf.
  • 20 TPA: Purchase or upgrade weapons from the following list at a 10% discount: bane, flaming, frost, seeking, shock, throwing.
  • 20 TPA: Purchase or upgrade magical armor or shields from the following list at a 10% discount: arrow catching, arrow deflection, bashing, blinding, energy resistance (cold, fire)
  • 20 TPA: Purchase magic items from the following list at a 10% discount: effecient quiver, gloves of arrow snaring, handy haversack, periapt of wound closure, restorative ointment, stone of alarm.
  • 20 CPA: Undergo specialty training, requiring 1 week of dedicated time. This training grants one of the following bonus feats: Acrobatic Steps, Catch Off-Guard, Combat Casting, Diehard, Endurance, Fast Crawl, Fast Healer, Field Repair, Fleet, Friendly Switch, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lighting Reflexes, Weapon Focus. You may undergo this training multiple times, gaining a different feat each time. You must meet the prerequisites for these feats.
  • 30 TPA, 2 CPA, Rune: Gain the rank of “Sigil” which grants a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence members of the Runic Banner (does not stack with Banner Man or Rune) and a loyal team of 1 Rune (5th level fighter, ranger or rogue) and 5-8 Banner Men (3rd level fighters, rangers or rogues) as followers. These troops are in addition to those granted by the Rune rank, and they won’t necessarily die on the character’s behalf.

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