Sarya Volzin

Sarya Volzin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Cleric/Rogue
Description: Blonde, buxom and beautiful
Alignment: Unknown; pressmed neutral
Deity: Calistria
Motivations: Calming Istial; unknown
Personality: Personable, friendly
Affiliation(s): Sovereign Myrmidons, Church
of Calistria
Main Location: With PCs

Least experienced and newest of the Myrmidons, Sarya serves to provide healing capability and to disable any traps or locks the group encounters. She has also taken on the additional role of diplomat and information gatherer…awhile Istial is the undisputed leader of the Myrmidons, his impatience and uncontrollable anger prevent him from using delicate words when necessary. Sarya is the professed lover of Istial's, though she seems wary of his personality and urges others to co-operate with him to make the days go smoother, though she seems to have founs certain solaice within the arms of Nessa.

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