Sigil of House Typhos


Aura moderate evocation; CL 12th
Slot neck; Weight -.


This amulet is an augmented stormlure with the ability to change the winds four times a day as per the alter winds spell and can create a surge of wind as per gust of wind once a day, or turn its bearer into a cloud-like form as per the cloud shape spell once per week.


This elegant yet ornate looking amulet made of platinum hangs around any central member of the Typhos family. Given to them at age it bestows some of the graces of the wind to remind any traveling member of home. Lem’s Father Logan Typhos crafted it for him since his birth and made it to be worn on any occasion hence the ornate yet elegant design. This is the only thing Lem has kept of his old house as it was the only gift given to him. While Lem never saw it this amulet was created from his father love and guilt over what had been to Lem since birth.

At the end of the Fellnight Conflict, the amulet has shown a new ability, previous unknown. Drawing upon its slyph origins, it has expanded in its abilities by granting its wearer the ability to become a living cloud for a short period of time.

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