Sovereign Myrmidons

Sovereign Myrmidons
Type: Adventuring group
Leader: Istial Athaldale
Alignment: Evil
Headquarters: None
Goals: Wealth, fame
Scope: Regional
Structure: None
Known Members: Quail Soma, Coraan Xatol,
Sarya Volzin

The Sovereign Myrmidons are a small adventuring group with dubious morals. Not much has yet been revealed regarding their past and individual members.

Goal: Wealth, fame, prestige

As with all adventuring groups, the Sovereign Myrmidons desire wealth, prestige and power, though each individual member amongst the four has their own personal, and as of yet unknown goals.

It has been revealed the group is primarily responsible for the continued existence of the small town Tregan in northern Taldor, on the border of Galt. The Myrmidons repelled a vicious hill giant raid on the town. It was said that the giants were destroyed so thoroughly that little was left of their remains, although one of their number, the half-orc cleric of Gorum, Hrusk, died during the battle.

Alignment: Evil

No alignment detection is necessary to determine that the major players in this group are evil. However, some members could be considered neutral at best.


The of the Sovereign Myrmidons is the easily-angered Istial Athaldale, a half-elf with a cruel and superior snear.


There is no known location as a headquarters for this group, however they are extremely popular in Tregan, and often use the Herald's Home Tavern as a meeting place.

Known Members

The Sovereign Myrmidons consist of the following individuals:

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