Three Mead Tavern

Bellis’ major tavern, it is owned and operated by the gnome Mertis Cobblestocking. It is the primary gathering point for fun-loving citizens and Mertis mainly has Revas Berrwold's honeymead on tap. Rooms (common variety) can be rented at 5sp per night. A hot bath can be prepared for 6cp.

After the Fellnight Conflict, the tavern is known as the primary drinking spot of the characters.

The main fare served at the Three Mead tavern:
  • Boiled Radish, Mug of Stout (5 cp)
  • Stewed Crab and Cashew Bread, Tankard of Honeymead (9 cp)
  • Roasted Trout and Dried Onion, Tankard of Ale (10 cp)
  • Wheat Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Honeymead (5 cp)
  • Pickled Sausage and Dried Onion, Tankard of Honeymead (8 cp)

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