Tilly Farkletok

Tilly Farkletok
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (young)
Size: Small
Character Class(es): Gunslinger
Description: Blue hair, lots
of guns
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Brigh
Motivations: Creation, invention
Personality: Inquisitive, chaotic
Affiliation(s): None
Main Location: Tic-Tok, Wispil

Tilly Farkletok is the daughter of the famed Crank Farkletok, a gnomish clockwork genious. Unlike her father however, Tilly has devoted her creativity to gunsmithing, blackpowder and bullets, using unique gnomish ingenuity.

Although she hasn't followed in her father's footsteps, she has learned a little about clockwork to modify her firearms to make them experimental and far more powerful. It is her goal to test these inventions in the heat of battle, where they are meant to be. To that end, she volunteered to go with the Sovereign Myrmidons to slay the dragons Icemourne? and Mirrorwing? in the neighbouring Fog Peaks.

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