Treaty of Bellis

In 4711 AR, the People’s Council of Andoran, druids of the Wildwood Lodge and the forest creatures of the Conclave created and signed the Treaty of Bellis, which began a new era of co-operation between Andoran and its forest allies. Spurred into action by the events of the Fellnight Conflict, the Wildwood Lodge and the Conclave assisted the town of Bellis in repelling an invasion of evil fey from the Fellnight Realm. In exchange for this assistance, the people of Bellis promised to temporarily halt their logging of the Verduran Forest and push hard for permanent changes to Andoran’s lumber industry. The mayor of Bellis, Birgrim Tell, was true to his word and along with the help of Knight-Commander Corsan of the Eagle Knights of the Golden Legion and the Heroes of Bellis, a special session of the People’s Council in Almas was called to discuss and ratify a solution to the “Verduran problem.”

After a week-long session of debates, in which Mayor Tell, Commander Corsan, Devarre Snowgaard and Jeriel Eterrac were involved in, the People’s Council decided to draft the Treaty of Bellis, modeled after the Treaty of the Wildwood that is currently in place with Taldor and the Wildwood Lodge. This treaty was heavily opposed by the Lumber Consortium’s lobbyists, which accounted for the long discussions, but was ratified by a narrow margin and brought into law.

The treaty was signed at the construction site of the Hall of Bonding, a join Conclave, Wildwood and Andoran set of structures a mile north of Bellis to mark the new found sense of co-operation. The Treaty was signed by Mayor Tell (representing Andoran), Devarre Snowgaard (representing the Wildwood Lodge) and Jana ‘the Red’, as a neutral-party witness.

The treaty itself stipulates that the Wildwood Lodge is granted the autonomy to protect the Verduran Forest with Andoran support if required, and in exchange the druids of the Lodge would ensure Andoran continues to receive quality wood for its lumber industry. This would be accomplished with selection control solely in the hands of the druids. They would guide any foresters or lumberjacks to appropriate locations within the forest and speciality select the trees that could be harvested. No tree was to be harvested without expressed permission by the representatives of the Wildwood Lodge. Further, the druids would pledge to keep a steady supply of the needed lumber so Andoran’s economy would not suffer long-term effects, and Andoran rangers and settlers would be allowed to roam the forest without fear of druid and Conclave intervention, provided the forest was not despoiled.

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