Nation: Taldor
Size: Small Town
Modifiers: Corruption +0, Crime -1, Economy +0,
Law +1, Lore +3, Society -1
Population: 255
Demographics: 97% human, 5% other
Government: Autocracy
Alignment: Neutral
Qualities: Insular, rumormongering citizens
Notable NPCs: Whistletail
Base Value: 1,000 gp
Purchase Limit: 5,000 gp
Spellcasting: 4th

Tregan is a small town located on the border of Taldor and Galt.


As a small settlement, Tregan has had little history. One year ago, the bard Vallyn departed with Elyana Sadrastis and Renar from Adrast and never returned to his tavern, the Hornet's Nest Tavern. About six months ago, the town came under attack by a large band of hill gants intent on plunder, but they were defeated with the aid of the Sovereign Myrmidons.


As a small settlementon the frontier, Tregan has little to trade or offer neigbouring communities. On occasion, the few merchants of Adrast provide supplies to the town, especially during the winter months. However, despite its small size, the town is known to have a large number of inns and taverns


Tregan is renowned for being a refuge for Galtan refugees of the Red Revolution, who make up a fair percentage of the population. All other residents are Taldan frontiersmen or wanderers.

Notable Locations

The following locations are ones of importance or note when one visits Adrast:

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