Race: Grippli
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Size: Small
Character Class(es): Druid
Description: Fading green skin,
druid robes
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: The Green Faith
Motivations: Learning drudisim,
advancing the Lodge
Personality: Sagely, quiet
Affiliation(s): Wildwood Lodge,
Main Location: Conclave Clearing

Varouk is an elder druid from the Mwgani Expanse, having arrived from that distant jungle with Nevarr during the annual Moot of Ages hosted by the druids of the Wildwood Lodge. After the moot's completion, the elder grippli was so moved with the Wildwood Lodge and their unique druidic outlook that he decided to stay and join them in their organization. By extension, Nevarr did as well, as his appointed guardian. Since that time, Varouk has spent time with Devarre Snowgaard, who has taught him further druidic abilities.

During the Fellnight Conflict, Varouk was captured and taken to the Fellnight Realm where he was tortured. Eventually, Nevarr and the other characters rescued him during their raid on Queen Rhoswen's palace. Though tired and drained, Varouk survived and returned to the Verduran Forest.

Upon his return, Varouk showed Nevarr how to unlock the mysterious properties of the Keepers Mantle, a sacred relic of the grippli people.

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