The magical stones known wardstones are a component of the faengard, a magical wall placed within the Fellnight Realm that keeps the inhabitants of that demiplane imprisoned. The wardstones are enchanted in such a way where any native of that realm is unable to touch them or otherwise suffer intense damage and death, while those not of that plane can touch them normally. The stones look like normal, rune-encrusted rocks that glow blue on occasion.

It is not yet known how, but it is assumed the bleaching gnome Tenzekil Braybittle? traveled to the Fellnight Realm and retrieved some of the wardstones, thereby freeing the entrapped creatures from their imprisonment. The wardstones then were placed within the water at Dead Man’s Drop to produce a powerful, fast-traveling mist that began sweeping over the north western Verduran Forest, including the Andoran town of Bellis.

The first attempt the characters made to retrieve the stones from Dead Man’s Drop was unsuccessful and they were split into three locations by the Fellnight Queen. Some were left at Dead Man’s Drop, while another group was placed within the underground waters in a ruined temple of Calistria. The third group has recently been revealed to be present in the Twisted Mire, a swamp north of Bellis.

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