The Whitehooves is a small number of unicorns within the north western Verduran forest that have joined Conclave.

Goal: Ensure purity

As befits their race, the Whitehooves defend their home against evil encoarchments. Until the arrival of the Fellnight Queen and her minions, the only creatures considered enemies would have been the Greenhand Covenant, but the Whitehooves laired too far away from this evil faction for them to be of any concern.

Alignment: CG

The Whitehooves have generally kept their own counsel, but have allied with other good and neutral creatures against the threat facing their homes.


The unicorn known as Palomier was elected to be the voice of the Whitehooves.



Known Members

Gaining Prestige & Resources

As they are four-legged, extremely shy creatures that normally only interact with female maidens of pure heart, one there are no tangible benefits from this faction. However, as members of the Conclave, they can provide services to those that have gained their trust. See Conclave page for the resources the unicorns can give as a member of this collective.

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