Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Unknown
Description: Winger's actual appearance is unknown
Alignment: Good
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Furthering the causes of Andoran
Personality: Direct, yet secretive, has
a sense of humor
Affiliation(s): Eagle Knights (Twilight Talons)
Main Location: Unknown; presumed Almas

Winger is the code name for a high-ranking Eagle Knight of the Twilight Talons, Andoran's secretive paramilitary force. He is fast, knowledgeable and extremely stealthy, capable of appearing and disappearing without a trace. He can usually be found wearing a striking combination of dark blue leather armor with golden inlays. His face has always been partially obscured by a tight-fitting bandana and hood.

After being introduced into the Eagle Knights, Winger was and still is the primary contact and trainer for Jeriel Eterrac and his Twilight Talon affiliation. Jeriel has found him to be painfully direct, sometimes condescending, but at other times somewhat funny.

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